no. 1

Credo / Believing in the dark

Music by Peteris Vasks, Johan Sebastian Bach and Arvo Pärt. Even though this is not our first program, its our most critically acclaimed program so far. So its now our no.1: Rough, fantastic, beautiful and utterly dramatic. We managed to make this program the symbiotic experience we always wanted our darkness experiences to be. 


no. 2


Our latest program is tailored around music composed only by young american-based composers. In the crossing between pop, folk and classical music, they challenge the genre with new and exciting sounds and harmonies. With pieces by John Luther Adams, Andrew Norman, Nico Muhly, Donnacha Dennehy and Marcos Balter this is a truly fresh experience.  Our most elaborate and action filled program to date!

no. 3

1882 / In Memory of a Great Artist

This is a concert we have been wanting to do for many years, and we are super excited finally being able to present this ultimate darkness concert. It consists of only one piece of music, but it is certainly one of the most flabbergasting sound creations ever to be concived. And finally we can present it the way the composer intended it to be heard, in utter, complete darkness (this is at least our theory). 

no. 4

Phantasmagoria / The Nordic Sound

In this new program to be presented in the fall 2018 we play almost exclusively new commissions from young nordic composers. Building new worlds of sound these composers work with the trio to present new pieces written with complete darkness in mind. We are very excited to present new pieces by Ingibjorg Fridriksdottir, Finnur Karlsson and Martin Rane Bauck alongside music by Bent Sorensen.